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Whether you are a receptionist, a sales executive at a retail outlet, a field technician, a software developer, or an employee in any role, you have a unique set of skills that make you a “best employee” for many employers, only if they can find you easily for their jobs. BestEmployees enables Hiring Managers to connect with you directly, without even you applying for their jobs, based on skills match. In doing so, it enables employers to find the best-fit-talent for their jobs and enables you to find your next better job effortlessly, especially when you are busy with your current job.

BestEmployees is your app for building a marketable professional reputation that you can leverage to advance your career faster.

BestEmployees redefines how best-fit-employees are identified & jobs are filled across industries in today’s high-tech environment. BestEmployees has no job listings to search through; no job applications to fill out for randomly selected jobs; no “waiting for response” anxious moments; and it’s no longer about “you finding a job”. BestEmployees is about being found by the right employer at the right time for the right job. It’s about being “easily find-able” by your skills. It’s about building a marketable professional reputation that you can leverage to advance your career. It’s a new way to accelerate your career.

Benefits to Employees

Build marketable professional reputation around your core skills. Leverage this reputation to advance your career. Know what skills are in demand in your field and position yourself appropriately. Get approached by Hiring Managers directly for their jobs that meet your criteria for the next job. Never miss any exciting job opportunity. Be in demand for better jobs while you are busy with your current job.

The app keeps your information confidential. Your current employers and colleagues cannot find you during search, except to endorse you. You can also block specific companies such that employees from those companies cannot find you during search, except to endorse your skills.

Benefits Hiring Managers

Get access to the best fit talent in your industry for your jobs, and not be limited to the applicant pool only. Shortlist prospects by skills match, send out inquiries to assess their interest in your job; organize interviews; & hire. Save time & cost while recruiting the best-fit from the industry.

Build Professional Reputation Around Core Skills

Identify your core skills. Invite colleagues and clients to endorse your skills by simply tapping on listed skills. Be quietly known in the industry for your skills.

Know Top Skills-in-Demand in Your Field

You have many skills. Which skills do you promote for better jobs? Know the skills-in-demand in your field & be in demand for better jobs.

Get Approached by Hiring Managers Directly

No useless messages. BestEmployees do not do automatic job matches by keywords & send you useless messages. It sends you inquiries only when a Hiring Manager selects you as a prospective match for his / her job.

100% discreet

You can keep from the eyes of nosy colleagues & managers; simply select a company and all its employees wouldn’t find you on BestEmployees during search. They can still endorse your skills.

Get To The Top of Search

Get your skills endorsed by colleagues & clients to get to the top of search by Hiring Managers.

Verified Endorsements

Details of each endorsee are prominently displayed on your profile for authenticity.

No Bogus Inquiries

Don’t want to get inquiries from jobs that don’t meet your salary needs? Just say so & those Hiring Managers will not even find you in their search. No one will even know what your minimum salary needs are.

BestEmployees do not do “keyword” matching and send you useless recommendations. BestEmployees sends you inquiry messages only when Hiring Managers select you as a possible candidate for their positions and that too provided the jobs meet your salary and location needs.

You Are In Charge

You will get an interest inquiry from Hiring Manager with sufficient details for you to determine your interest. Respond only if you want to pursue further.

Easy to Use App

Set up your profile using your smartphone in minutes. Invite skill endorsements using built in capabilities. Endorse skills of your colleagues & service providers by simply tapping on their skills. Endorsees may use their own device or your device to endorse your skills. No browsing required. You will be alerted when you receive interest inquiries. & more to keep it simple for you.

How it works


Search and Download BestEmployees App from Google Play Store.


Launch the app and create your profile by listing your core skills and other relevant professional details that may be useful to prospective employers.

Start Using

Invite your colleagues & clients to endorse your skills. Continue to gather skills endorsements as you keep busy with your current job. You will be alerted when Hiring Managers have interest in you for their jobs.

What people are saying about us

Active Job Seeker

"BestEmployees App is a game changer. I joined this app when I was busy with my current job & had no plans for changing the job. However, I kept on gathering endorsement on my skills from my customers & colleagues. It just made me feel better when customers endorsed my skills. Now, I am open to a job change and I adjusted my profile on BestEmployees accordingly. I am starting to get very relevant inquiries from Hiring managers directly. This is amazing. Instead of me wasting time looking for a job, jobs are finding me. I like this new way to get better jobs."

Non-active job seeker

"I don’t want to miss out on great job opportunities just because I am busy at my current job and have no time to explore a job search. BestEmployees is precisely the app I need. It is a great tool to build my professional reputation and showcase what I am good at. Hiring Managers are able to discover me for their jobs and I feel I am not missing out on great opportunities anymore. I strongly recommend everyone who aspires to grow fast to join this app."

Hiring Manager

"In a sea full of applicants, sometimes, it gets really hard to find a candidate perfectly matches my job requirement. BestEmployees has saved me immense time, and in turn money, by allowing me to discover passive employees who best-fit my need."

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